Annual Report of AIESEC in Russia
Annual Report of AIESEC in Russia
Welcome, dear friend!
Our story is 30th in the history of AIESEC is Russia.
Every year we stop for a while, sum up the results and ask ourselves: where are we now? How did we come here and where to go next?

The main question we answered is how to make AIESEC loud and ambitious in Russia? How to become the voice of youth in Russia and an organization that is an example and the main platform for youth development?

Our focus was the development of strong leaders within the organization. Strong leadership is developing, when people have the freedom to realize their ideas, when they are not afraid to try and make mistakes, learn from their mistakes and realize their wildest dreams. When there are no restrictions. When each member significantly affects the development of the organization.
A lot of achievements happened during the year:

AIESEC in Russia is on the 5th place in Europe ranking
By the number of exchanges and growth rate

New record in internships
In amount of outgoing exchange (Global Volunteer product)

2 new events
External Youth Speak Forum and World Largest Lesson in Russia

Russia is selected as the host country for the International Presidents Meeting
We got the right and started to prepare the international meeting of AIESEC Presidents, which will be held in February 2020
New formats of social projects
New formats of projects, contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals
30th Anniversary of AIESEC in Russia
Thanks to our alumni we were able to celebrate 30th Anniversary of AIESEC in Russia. It became a vivid memory for each member of the organization.

This year we have developed a new site It clearly explains the value of our three products for young people: Global Talent, Global Volunteer and Global Entrepreneur.
Our potential customers fill out a simple form on the website, their data is synchronized with our global platform — it allows candidates to immediately access our projects, and us - to contact them quickly. We became 4th country from 120 countries in AIESEC, where internal site is synchronized with the global platform.
The motto of our team is: «Everyone's doing the best that they can». It inspired us every day. Every day together with our local entities in 16 cities we did the best we could to bring AIESEC in Russia to the new level.

I believe we are on the right track. We are one step closer to realize our 2020 ambition.
Elizaveta Belyaeva,
President of AIESEC in Russia 2018-2019
Volunteer internships abroad
6-8 weeks of work on a volunteer project in an international team and in a completely new culture.
Each project is aimed to contribute to one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Students from 6 cities that do not have AIESEC conduct events, aimed to raise the awareness about the organization, increase the number of people participating in our programs.
Ambassador program was launched
This system allows us to send people for internships from areas where there is no AIESEC.
Successfully launched Virtually Allocated Market
Now basic information on the whole process of work, sales and team management can be obtained online.
Online education about the product
Achieved the largest product result for the entire existence of AIESEC in Russia.
Record in the amount of internships
Key changes
In November we adapted the #LiveTheExperience global campaign for our online channels. Those who have already participated in Global Volunteer internships shared with us stories about how a volunteer project changed their lives.

We collected 60 inspiring stories.
The winner is Madina Askarova. We cover for her Global Volunteer exchange in Turkey in the summer of 2019.
will go on Global Volunteer internships abroad
Professional internships abroad
3-12 months of practical experience in the following areas: marketing, sales, IT, engineering, teaching, hotel management, business administration in a completely new culture.
This affected fast communication between national and local offices, and increased the number of Russian young people who went on internships to these countries.
New system of work with Europe was built (Turkey, Germany, Hungary)
Which inspires people to great results and achievement of ambitions.
A new department culture has been created
Due to this, any person from the department can find the answer to any question quickly and efficiently.
One shared workspace was created
Key changes
people will get professional experience in companies abroad
people will get professional experience in startups abroad
International volunteer projects in Russia
6-8 weeks of work on a volunteer project in an international team in Russia.
Each project is aimed to contribute to one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
This year we set two main goals:
Shift our focus to external audience
Improve our work with country partners
Key results
13 cities, which are realizing projects
+5 new cities from previous year
4 new projects were realized
"It Generation", "Eco-Life", "Map of your future", "Open World"
Growth in results
1061 international volunteers (634 last year)
54 000 people
Reach of Russian people, who participated in a project from 2 to 4 weeks
international volunteers will make impact on volunteer projects in Russia
Interaction with partners
During 2018-2019, we sought to maintain and develop partnerships with companies that have been working with us for several projects and even years.
Also, part of the strategy was to attract new partners to our projects: youth forums, social projects, annual partnership with AIESEC.
For effective communication with young people, we created various integration formats for the company in the framework of forums, as well as new online formats.
During this year we:
Attracted 30 partners, 15 of which worked with us for the first time.
Increased the number of delegates, comparing with the previous year (YouLead - 20%, Breakpoint - 20%, YouthSpeak - 510 unique delegates).
Changed customer persona for our forums: 3rd-4th grade. It allowed us to increase the interest of employers and students in each other.
For effective communication with young people, we created various integration formats for the company in the framework of forums, as well as new online formats.
Participants complete daily online and offline tasks on health, sports and ecology in international teams in 7 cities of Russia.
New forum of ecological youth project «Eco-Life»
Work with CSR partners
New format of IT project for 7,8 и 10 grades students «IT Generation»
Solving real business cases in teams with the help of IT tools.
The first in Russia World Largest Lesson (WLL) dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals
Preparation and implementation of the lesson by foreign interns with the support of AIESEC members.
General info partner for «Eco-Life» project:
Partner of World Largest Lesson:
National partners of AIESEC in Russia
Companies that supported our external and internal events during this year
Forum for young people from all over Russia.
Main purpose of this forum is to build generation of responsible and enterprising leaders in various fields who are able to think and act outside the box, make a conscious choice based on values, and work in teams.
YouLead forum
YouLead was realized in 6 regions of Russia:
passed the selection
speakers and experts
YouLead 2018 in Moscow:
General partner of the forum
Key partners
Career partners
Forum for leaders of technological changes.
The purpose of the forum is to create a space for ambitious and purposeful young leaders to ensure interaction, exchange of ideas, and also communication with potential employers.
BreakPoint forum
BreakPoint was realized in 8 regions of Russia:
passed the selection
speakers and experts
BreakPoint 2018 in Moscow:
General partner of the forum
Key partners
Career partners
Forum for young leaders of social changes, for those who are not indifferent to the world and what is happening in it.
For those who are willing to take responsibility and invest in the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals in Russia and the world.
This year for the first time we realized this project for an external audience in Russia, which was aimed at drawing attention to the environmental issues.
YouthSpeak forum
passed the selection
YouthSpeak 2019 in Moscow:
General partner of the forum:
Online resources
This year more than 750 posts were published Vkontakte group: new articles-reviews from interns and members of the organization, as well as articles with useful tips on application process to our projects.
1905 or 29,9% of the total applications number on accounted for this channel.
Subscribers in VK group
New articles
273 or 4,25% of the total applications number on accounted for this channel.
We began to develop this channel on February 1 and these are the results we have achieved over this period:
Growth of subscribers
People development
Key changes
15% growth in the number of people who are in the organization (comparing to last year)
A regional mini-conference was held for project managers from different cities, the theme of which was the proper manager of the team.
Creation of unified, modified development plan for members of the organization, which helps to determine the necessary actions to improve their effectiveness.
We introduced for local committees an external coaching system - when alumni of the organization became coaches in one or two local committees. This allowed us to attract external expertise and experience for AIESECers. We want to thank Kirill Melchakov, Ksenia Prohorenkova, Karim Shakirov and Sergey Ozerov.
Project managers
Team members
Members in Local Committees Executive Boards
Total number of people in the organization
During the year we had 2 large recruitments for winter and summer projects:
passed the selection
were accepted to AIESEC
Financial report of AIESEC in Russia
As part of supporting financial stability, together with local branches, we developed a budgeting and analysis system to optimize cash flows in Local Committees.
This had a positive effect on the activities of small and medium-sized local committees, improved financial performance.
Implementation of electronic signatures in Local Committees
Key changes
Connection of Local Committes to the system of electronic submission of reports
The internal audit system has been changed for quarterly inspections (instead of semi-annual audits)
Implementation and training of how to use CCE (control and cash equipment)
AIESEC in Russia income
Partners of forums
6 210 000
Membership fee
4 700 000
National partners
1 720 000
Partners of social projects
1 600 000
Fee from interns from AIESEC initiative groups
900 000
Partner of the month (AIESEC online channels)
308 000
AIESEC in Russia expenses
8 400 000
5 450 000
Regional offices development
4 900 000
International conferences
500 000
300 000
National team of AIESEC in Russia 2018-2019
Elizaveta Belyaeva
Head of organization
Antonina Skorova
Organizational development manager
Varvara Volchkova
Talent development manager
Olga Rekhlyasova
Finance manager
Azat Shakurov
Volunteer Internships Development Manager

Diana Salahova
Social projects manager
Anastasia Komovich
Volunteer Internships Development Manager
Anna Razumova
Marketing manager
Anna Lokteva
Head of business development department
Olga Shirochkina
CSR manager
Daria Grom
Partners Relationship manager
Next year direction of AIESEC in Russia
This year has shown that thanks to the team work, we can quickly and strongly grow.
Now we face the question: "How to make the organization grow from year to year, while maintaining its relevance for young people?".
It is important for us to ensure the strategic development of the organization, which is why we started with the question: "What role should the organization play by 2030?".
For me and my team is very important to think in advance and follow the trends that are now shaping the world.
Ultimately, our main goal is to grow strong leaders who can manage positions in government and companies in 10 years.
It's important for leaders to look ahead and be able to understand what the world needs right now.
Diana Salahova,
President of AIESEC in Russia 2019-2020
Direction for 2019-2020 years:
To update the people development program in the organization
Make it more intense, faster, with relevant skills for the market in the future.
Also launch an internal system for members of the organization, where everyone can track their progress in the results and understand further opportunities.
To ensure qualitative of our customers
We want to automate the process of applying for an internship, focus on the preparation and provision of the experience itself.
Financial stability: to increase financial resources and scale of the organization
Next year we plan to open +10 initiative groups, which later will become new local committees.
National team of AIESEC in Russia 2019-2020
Diana Salahova
Head of organization
Alexandra Davydova
Organizational development and expansion manager

Antonina Mosheva
Talent development manager

Olga Rehlyasova
Financial Manager
Julia Sazanovich
Volunteer Internships Development Manager

Aipkhan Nurlanov
Social projects manager

Meerim Musabekova
Professional Internships Development Manager
Daria Grom
Head of Business Development department
Anastasia Shishkina
CSR manager
Rozaliya Khafizova
Partners Relationship manager
Elena Ryzhkova
Partners Relationship manager
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